I need a 500 word admission essay written. The school I would like to attend is Rutgers University in New Brunswick for the MSW program of Social Work. It has to answer the following : Write an essay that discusses your motivation to pursue a graduate degree in your chosen field; your accomplishments and goals; and the reason(s) why you are interested in this specific graduate program. Feel free to add other information that will show that you are a strong applicant.
Background history on me I am a 30 yer old mom of two in which I was a teen mom at 16 so i put off college up until 2018 that i started my journey gaining my associates degree. I am not obtainined my bacherlor degree in social work and my dream school although i grew up in new jersey town of west new york I now live in the Bronx in NY , but has always been Rutgers Univerity. I grew up as a trouble child and it my son chaged my entire life. Living in the Bronx has only shown me how urban areas lack so much when it comes to our youth. Due to so many young teens dying due to drugs or violence which motivated me wanting to help people because once i obtain my degree i would like to work with the youth and hopefully create y own non for profit to keep these teens out of the streets or help those that have already fallen into the system but want to change their life around. I am intrested in this program due to Rutgers being one of best social work programs in the nation.