I need to finish my Thesis for an online Masters degree. I need these by the 31st of May. Here’s the detail:
CORPUS: This section will describe the corpus. It can
include fragments or excerpts of the materials being analyzed. The selected
fragments must be relevant to show the analysis which will be carried and relate
to the elements presented in section 5. Length: 5 pages
DISCUSSION: This section must present and elaborate on the results of the analysis,
to then proceed to a critical dialogue between the obtained results and the
expected results based on the theoretical background. Some of the topics that
can be covered are: Were the materials fit for the paradigm they were supposed
to develop from? Where
the materials adequate for the context? Did the materials fulfill prior
expectations? Does the analysis allow
the researcher to reach relevant conclusions for future improvement?]. Length: 8 pages
8. CONCLUSIONS: Conclusions reflect on what happened in the study. In this section,
you must provide direct answers to the aims of the study. Likewise, you may want
to refer to further lines of research or possible future applications of the
project. Length: 2 pages
I will provide the rest of the document, once an agreement has been reached. I have attached the surveys I have.