i will attach the 3 chapters needed to write this discussion post.
Your Family of Origin
Using the Module 1
readings, locate a concept or idea that you learned that provided you with a
stronger understanding of the impact of the family of origin and the family
life cycle on the lives of family members.
Discuss how this
information helped you understand the impact of the family of origin on the
family life cycle and how this information provides an alternate perspective
from the one you have been using to think about families. Discuss how this
information provided you with an “AH HA” moment, or “I never
thought of it that way” understanding.
Discuss how learning
this material and using it to understand yourself, your family, and families at
large will assist you in being a more effective Human Services professional.
After your initial post, reply to two or more of your
classmates’ postings (three additional postings are needed for an
“Exemplary” grade).
Initial responses and replies should be at
least 150 words and of high quality.
Make sure to support your opinions with fact and resources.
All sources should be cited in proper APA format.
Do not:
offer advice to your classmates
simply only agree or disagree
with your classmates