I will be uploading the rubric for this so that it may help the process. Please let me know if you have any questions. Also please follow the flow of how the instructions are written. Thank you! I have also uploaded the Key concepts from Edwards Chapter 9 to help as it is required in the rubric.
Think about how you will apply what you’ve learned about art, music, drama, play, literature, literacy and movement as an early childhood educator and consider the following:
Consider the following questions:
How can you use your role as an early childhood educator to inspire and nurture children’s creativity?
What are some ways you can develop your own creativity?
What are the characteristics of self-actualizing people?
We have pushed ourselves to not only think of creative ways to instruct children but how to also grow our own creative selves. This process should never end. We should always strive to allow expression of our creative sides so they can continue to flourish. This final activity will allow you the time to consider how you might begin to plan for the continued growth of your creative side.
Write a 400-500 word personal statement in Microsoft Word that addresses the following points:
What is your belief about the role of creativity in early childhood?
How will you incorporate creative arts into your curriculum? List at least three specific examples.
As an early childhood educator, what will you do to further your understanding of and experience with creative arts? List at least two specific examples.
What areas of the creative arts do you most need to strengthen? List two specific action items you will complete to develop your creative side in these areas.
Submit this personal and professional development plan using the link below.
If you were able to observe in a classroom write a two page paper describing your experience and information about your placement- What were the key takeaways from your observation? In what ways did the teacher interact with the children and how did that impact the class. What art activities were you able to observe? How did these connect to what you learned in class? Anything else you want to add about your observation experience.
If you were unable to observe in a classroom, feel free to observe two out of four of these videos and answer the same questions above
Focusing on the visual arts in the classroom

Arts Integration parts of a flower

Dance and Drama to achieve student achievement

Process and Product Art

Dance Move