If the parent is concerned that their child is being aggressive after playing video games, what does the research say about that? And what is your advice as an expert on media’s effects on children? What if the child spends 8-hours a day on a screen? Go through each of your questions, how they were answered, and then you answer them right now. This is supposed to be a guide for parents and professions who work with children on how to understand and manage some of their issues when it comes to screen time and children.
VERY IMPORTANT: This is not your personal opinion, but a well-researched, well-guided, APA cited piece of research. Anything not substantiated with research will result in large point deductions. This should NOT be written in the first person but rooted in research.
This paper should be at least 6 pages, typed, double spaced with proper citations. You should have AT LEAST 10 citations and these can come from the research you have been doing all semester.
Use questions and answers to quide you towards the research needed !