In 6-7 pages, you will evaluate and expand on the research conducted for the annotated bibliography
on the history of the African American population in your destination/receiver city. You should use
the outline previously submitted as a frame, however, changes are permissible. You will answer
questions including but not limited to, what years did the African American population begin to
expand in the city? Where did the Black population migrate from? What industries and organizations
were most attractive to the city’s growing Black community? In what ways did the city’s urban and
suburban policies impact the expanding community? Did the policy have impact outside of the African
American community? What, if any, were other contributing factors impacting the community? Have
there been changes in policy and/or political leadership in the city that have affected the African
American community especially? Has the condition of the community stayed the same, grown better
or worse? Has there been any recent media coverage of your city? The paper should incorporate
themes and concepts discussed in the course. You can use no more than two sources provided by
the instructor, in addition to those gathered in the Annotated Bibliography. The paper must be in
APA format