In this three-page (double-spaced, 12 pt. font) essay, use what you learned this week about stratification to write a sociological autobiography that analyzes your life through the lens of class. The goal of this essay is to reflect on the ways in which your class position and access to material, social, and cultural resources have shaped your life outcomes thus far, demonstrating your ability to apply the sociological imagination to your own biography.
Introduction: Describe the goal of your essay and introduce the major course concepts you will use in your analysis.
Body: Consider any or all of the following questions.
Where did you grow up? What type of community? What type of housing?
What were the occupations, education levels, and relative income of your household? Were your objective and subjective class positions aligned?
What material, social, and cultural resources did you grow up with?
What is your current class position? What resources do you have now? Have you achieved any social mobility?
How has your social class position shaped your life decisions and life outcomes up to this point?
How do you think your life would be different if you had grown up in a different social class with different access to resources?
Conclusion: Describe how your sociological autobiography sheds light on the role of social class in shaping life outcomes and opportunities. In your experience, is the society you grew up in a meritocracy? Why or why not?