In this unit, you will submit your Literacy Lesson Plan. This will serve as your final project in this course. Please review the project guidelines prior to your submission. You must upload this assignment to Canvas as well as to your digital portfolio in order for the submission to be graded by your course instructor. Because this assignment will be placed in your portfolio, you will need to indicate the course name and number on the first page of the assignment (EDU203-Language, Literacy, and Phonics). Here electronic portfolio, “Folio” is more information on how to submit an item to your .
Just a reminder – If you do not upload your final assignment to Canvas you will receive a “0” for the final assignment. Your course instructor may deduct points if your assignment is not submitted to your portfolio. It is your responsibility to connect your portfolio with your course instructor so that they are able to see your uploaded assignment (prior to the end of the course).
Early Childhood Literacy Lesson Plan (100 pts)
Final Project Guidelines
This assignment will serve as the final project in EDU203. You will pull together what you have learned in the course and develop a 1 week (5 day) early childhood (Pre-K to 3rd grade) literacy lesson plan. You may use any of the assignments you created in this class. I WILL UPLOAD THE ASSIGNMENT I choose which is the writting and spelling activity. however if you another suggestions i am all ears to a new lesson. thank you.
Please review the expectations for this assignment below.
Review your state’s early childhood literacy standards & Common Core State Standards (K-3) —-> select one set of standards, not both
Choose one or two standards to focus your lessons
What do you want the children to learn (not what do you want to teach)?
What will the children be able to do as a result of the lesson?
Align your objectives to the standards you selected
The objectives should be specific and measurable
Remember, you must be able to evaluate (assess) whether or not your students have met the objectives
1-2 objectives is fine
List all of the materials necessary for the lessons
Books and media sources must have citations (use APA citation format)
INTRODUCTION (also known as the Anticipatory Set)
Connects to previous knowledge
Motivates children to participate
Main portion of your lesson
Step-by-step instructions for what the teacher and students will do during the lesson
Be sure your procedures and objectives align
Consider classroom management (whole group, small group, centers, transitions, seating)
How do your students apply or practice what they have just learned?
Independent work, seatwork, centers (descriptions/samples required)
How will you know your objectives have been met?
Reword your objectives as questions
Provide methods of assessment
Have clear, specific, measurable goals that tie into your objectives
Please review the provided sample lesson plan for an idea of what is expected.
Times New Roman font, size 12
Submitted as a WORD document
Your name and course number must be placed in the top right-hand corner, along with the date of submission
Be mindful of correct spelling, grammar, and mechanics
Books and other resources used must be cited in-text in APA format ( (Links to an external site.))
Please save your file as, “EDU203-EarlyEdLiteracyLessonPlan” when you submit the assignment to Folio and to Canvas
This assignment will be submitted on Canvas as well as uploaded to your digital portfolio (Folio). For more information on how to create or upload documents to your digital portfolio, please view the Folio module on the main page of this course.
I WILL UPLOAD THE RUBRIC AND 3 SAMPLE LESSONS THE INSTRUCTOR GAVE US FOR IDEAS. I will also upload my previous assigment , please be very detail, thank you.