Individual Project will involve an in-depth assessment and analysis of service quality in
hospitality operation. You will 1) choose a target hospitality entity, such as hotel/resort/casino (at least
full-service upscale hotel), restaurant (at least fine-dining restaurant), private club,
convention/exhibition/conference center, airline, zoo/theme park, etc., 2) visit the chosen target property,
3) observe its service operation carefully, 4) if necessary, conduct multiples interviews with managers
and/or frontline employees, 5) conduct secondary (data) research, 6) analyze online word-of-mouth
(WOM), and 7) submit your findings (final paper). Your analysis of service operation must focus on
five dimensions of service quality (reliability, tangibles, assurance, responsiveness, and empathy).
Detailed information about the five dimensions of service quality will be discussed in Chapter 3 Service
Quality Part II. You must submit your final paper to the instructor via Canvas by May 15
a. Title Page: Project title, the list of group members, and the date of submission etc.
b. Table of Contents
c. Introduction of Your Target Property: A brief history and the general facts about your target
property. For example, founding year, number of rooms/seats and employees, type of ownership,
target market, Average Daily Rate (ADR)/average check, etc.
d. Overall Observation: Followings are some suggestions for your analysis:
 What makes the property’s overall operation different?
 What were your observations regarding each operational area?
 What were the unique practice(s) in each operational area?
 Were you surprised or impressed at any particular aspect of service operation?
 Were you disappointed at any particular aspect of service operation?
 What were the operational strengths or weaknesses of the property?
 Others
Assessment of Service Quality: It should be based on your observation, secondary research, and
online Word-Of-Mouth (WOM), using five dimensions of service quality: Reliability, Tangibles,
Assurance, Responsiveness, and Empathy
f. Recommendations and Conclusion: Provide your own recommendations on how to improve
overall service quality.
g. References: Cite all printed or on-line resources used (APA style).
You do not have to go visit, just go off experience.
Mastro’s, Six Flags, Disneyland, took a flight somewhere