Complete Exercises 6, 7, and 8, on page 115 of Green and Salkind (2017).
In a separate Word document, develop an APA formatted deliverable that presents the results of Michelle’s research question.
Homework responses should include information regarding:
Any survey item(s) that had responses recoded
Mean Attitudinal scores for Republican and Democrat respondents
APA formatted boxplot that represents Total Attitudinal scores by political affiliation
Turn in your SPSS output file as a separate PDF document.
Submission Requirements
APA Formatted Deliverable that includes:
Cover Page
Results Section
References Section that includes Green and Salkind as a source
Submissions should be Microsoft Word type documents (e.g., *.doc or *.docx).
Assignment Word Limit
There is a 200-word limit with a 50-word buffer for this assignment. Submissions that surpass the limit and buffer will be subject to a two-point (8%) penalty.