it’s has to be an argument about that topic weathering you agree or disagree
This is my topic
Are beauty pageants exploitative? Should parents pressure their kids to participate? arugmentTaking a stand on an issue is an important part of writing persuasively. For this assessment, write a 4 – 5 page double-spaced essay that states your position on an issue of your choice.
Your essay should include the following:
A paragraph of introduction that gives some context or background about the issue.
A one-sentence thesis where you state your position on the issue and then give three reasons for holding that position.
At least three body paragraphs where you develop support for your position with examples and explanations drawn from research and your own reasoning.
Include one or two paragraphs that summarize competing perspectives and opposition on the issue.
A paragraph where you offer your final thoughts on the issue, summarize your major points, and leave the reader with something to consider in relation to your position on the paper.
Include MLA formatted in-text citations in the paper paragraphs that link to sources listed on the References page.
Tip: Remember that this is an argumentative, not merely an informative, paper. So, ensure that you take a stance on this topic and make it strong enough that someone could disagree with you.
For example:
Saying “Video games consume many hours of the day for many young children” is an informative statement.
Saying “Because video games consume many hours of the day for many young children, they should be banned for all children under 10…” is a persuasive statement and one that you will have to prove by using reason and evidence.
Submission Requirements:
Submit your responses in a Microsoft Word document of the following specifications:
Times New Roman
12 Point
4 – 5 Pages
(Does not include your Work Cited page)
Double Spaced
MLA Format