Long Answer: Choose 5 questions from the list below (10 points each)
(Recommended: 5-8 sentences)
What is the power imbalance between workers and their employers? What are some of the government policies and agencies used to counteract this power? How does government protect workers from the power of business?
Is lobbying an inherently bad thing? What resources do businesses have when they try to lobby government? What resources do citizens have when they lobby government? Why are some people critical of the current system?
Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact on the global supply chain and manufacturing. Why is the current form of globalization especially susceptible to bottlenecks and shortages? How does this compare to past eras of globalization?
Meta (formerly Facebook) is asking for government regulation of social media. Why do firms like Meta seek government regulation? What benefits can regulation provide to business?
Why do companies align their brand with political messages? What are the potential costs and benefits to corporations becoming political?
What are some shortcomings of the current system of corporate governance? Describe a major corporate scandal and analyze how the corporate governance system failed to prevent the issue.
Are government deficits an inherently bad thing? What is the argument for running deficits? What government power (and policy area) makes them different from businesses or households when they take on debt?