Motor Skills and Physical Activity Observation Reports (MSPAOR – 35 pts!
Non-in person/videos observation Report
ALL required sources included (20 videos, lectures, textbook)
>>23 page SINGLE SPACED Report
>> Times New Roman 12pt font size
In your MSPAOR, you must include:
A. Introduction: 1 page
* Include concepts, theories, and the overall motor development status you learned from the 20 YouTube videos.
B. Video Data/Notes: 1 page for each video (20 pages total)
> Data/Notes need to be detailed enough to reflect on what you have seen your “subject(s)” do/show in the videos. Lack of will result in lower scores. There are a total of 20 videos for your observations to collect data/take notes. [Links at the bottom]
> Each video report is to be titled by the video link, then the observed “subject” details, then the writing right below!
* In each video, pick one individual as your “subject” to be observed, decide on 1 and make it clear. Indicate the following details about your subject:
(1) quick estimate of age
(2) gender
(3) weight
(4) height
(5) life stage of your subject [very important information in motor development study]
* Identify your subjects’ skills based on the 3 basic motor skill categories
(1) Locomotor
(2) Manipulative motor
(3) Non-manipulative motor
(Note that you may not see all three categories in one video, but overall you will see)
C. Summery/Analysis: 2 pages
> Most Important part of Observation Report (50% of grade)
*Summarize it category by category.
(1) Locomotor
(2) Manipulative motor
(3) Non-manipulative motor
* Make connections to the theories, lectures, and the Internet resources we covered in this course. Without connections to the theories, lectures, and Internet resources, your report is incomplete.
D. Refrences:
> Must List all refrences used
> In addition to the 20 videos linked, must refrence course work 3 times and textbook 2 times. To refrence course work, indicate as: Lecture #, slide # (By Dr. HZ).
>>VIDEO LINKS BELOW<< VIDEO LINKS PART 1: These videos require you to record what you saw, heard, and learned: 1) 2) VIDEO LINKS PART2: The following videos require you to pick an individual (boy or girl, man or woman) as your study object, and record you saw, heard and gives your brief assessment on his/her motor development characteristics: 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20)