Movie: Bruised (2020)
Your critiques should be approximately 1-2 pages (double-spaced, 12 pt font)
This critique is not simply a review or a synopsis of the film.
This critique requires a critical engagement, reflection, and assessment of how the film
demonstrates, exemplifies, or in some other way explicates at least a few of the general topics we’ve
been studying this semester.
The following suggestions should help you to formulate your critique:
1. Identify and explain how the Women in Sport topic(s) is/are integral to the film.
2. Explain in your own words the relevant Women in Sport issues or topics that the film touches on.
3. How does the film contribute to our understanding of the Women in Sport topic(s) you see
operative in the film?
4. Engage the film from a critical perspective, which means to try and understand how the content
of your chosen film relates to the Women in Sport topic(s).
5. Explain why what happens in the film is significant/relevant to the Women in Sport in general
and your chosen topic(s) in particular.
6. Did the film broaden or frustrate your sense of the topic(s) of Women in Sport you’ve chosen to
7. Did the film illuminate something new to you about the Women in Sport?
8. Did the film resonate with you? Why or why not?