1. google “Orange County” and “Insider Trading Convictions” and tell me someone convicted of it, and what happened to him. (Just a note – I helped a little on the case of Dave Parker. What a sad story with finally a good ending. From the article you read, tell me if you think something like this will turn a person’s life upside down for 5 years.)
2. tell me what the Sarbanes Oxley Act is and name 3 things required by “SOX”, making sure that one of them is about internal control
3. Describe the Food and Drug Act, and name 3 things that law requires.
4. Name 3 provisions of the Truth in Lending Act, and then tell me 2 things the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires, and 3 things the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits, and tell me if one of them has happened to you or a relative.
5. Name 3 federal laws that protect consumers in some way, and something each of them do.