Objective of the Project
• To review the current development of the Computer Architecture
• To select a particular Computer Architecture design and describe the basic structure of design
• To discuss the advantages and limitations of the design
• To describe your opinion and viewpoints on the future development of Computer Architecture
You can form a group to select a particular topic of Computer Architecture Design
(e.g. ARM Architecture, Parallel Architecture, Multi-core design, Bus Architecture, i7 Core CPU
Architecture/Microarchitecture, i7Core ISA Level Architecture, PCIe Architecture etc.) and conduct
a literature survey on your select topics.
The project report should about 2000 words and cover the
following topics.
Introduction – Brief review on the past development computer architecture design
Content – Select a particular up-to-date (or advanced) example of Computer Architecture Design,
briefly describe the structure and block diagram and operating principles of this design
Discussion – Discuss the major characteristics, advantages and limitations of this design.
Conclusion – Express your viewpoints and opinion on future development of Computer
Architecture Design (focus on cost, speed, energy saving, compatibility? etc.)
Reference – summary of web resources or other reference readings