This activity will help you deepen your understanding of anatomy terms and how they relate to the body. It relates to this week’s objectives.
Labeling exercises help because they make you have to search for information and ‘retrieve’ it; first from the text, later from memory. Whenever you are searching for a term or concept, your brain has to work and find the right pathway. When you come up with the answer, that neural pathway gets stronger and next time it will be easier to find an answer:) …the best way to organize your studies I have found myself is the FlashCard System.
Be sure to read all directions before getting started with this activity.
First, we need a picture to label and color the terms provided on. Learning is a very individual process; I want you to be able to be creative in the way you turn in this assignment. You can, for example, download and print a paper copy (anatomy picture)Links to an external site. of the picture to do your work on. You can also annotate the picture provided below electronically. I think though, even more memorable for your brain, is if you draw or trace the anatomy picture (ideally directly on flashcards). Even google image searching and using an online image is great; just crop the labeling. Bottom line, be creative, make a project out of learning these anatomy terms.
Notice the anatomy terms below that I want you to label & color on the picture. Again, the more you involve all your senses, the easier you’ll learn and memorize these new words.
The terms I give you are the ones I will test you on.
Watch the video below. It describes most terms to learn on anatomy models that are used when I test you. Only the terms I provide you below will be testable!
(5 minutes long)
Do the labeling & coloring of the terms below. Again, allow yourself to be creative to help your learning style:)
Once you’re done, take a picture of your work, or make a brief 60+ second video, and upload it to Canvas. If you choose to annotate the electronic picture, no additional upload is necessary.
If you have any questions, please contact me right away; best using Pronto to get the quickest response.
Spinal Cord Terms
Central Canal
Anterior groove
Posterior median septum
Anterior horn
Lateral horn
Posterior horn
Posterior / dorsal root
Anterior / ventral root
Dorsal Root Ganglion
Spinal nerve
Posterior rami
Anterior rami
Cervical enlargement
Lumbar enlargement
Conus medullaris
Cauda equina
Filum terminale
Additional Information
The scoring of this assignment will be based upon meeting the requirements of the rubric and the integrity with which I feel the assignment’s criteria has been completed (10 points possible).
Late Work
The activities are to be completed by the due date. A penalty of 1% each day with a maximum of 10% will be applied to late work.
You can expect me to provide personal feedback for this assignment using the in-line grading tools and the general comment box for this assignment. I hope to have the assignment graded within 72-hours after the due date.
If you need further assistance with engaging with this activity, you can visit me during a Zoom office hour; or you can schedule a private Zoom meeting with me, or you can utilize one of the many Student Support Services on campus including Merritt online tutors.