Part I. 250 words. 50 points.
Write a 250-word, double-spaced essay (one page) on Pfaff’s argument in “New African Cinema.” How does African cinema respond to and differ from Western cinema, according to Pfaff?
Part II. 500 words. 75 points.
Choose one of the two questions below:
Write a 500-word, double-spaced essay (two pages) on the role played by clothing (costumes) in Xala. What do Western and African clothes suggest about the characters?
Write a 500-word, double-spaced essay (two pages) that analyzes the relationship between the visual and the acoustic dimensions in Peck’s Lumumba. Refer to a particular scene and discuss the relationship between image and sound in Peck’s film. To what degree can one say that Peck’s use of sound is critical of mainstream Western cinema?