Pleae complete 3 physics labs. Please put them in separate documents
Lab 1
Pick an everyday interaction (do not pick school bus with an object inside). This should be an interaction of 2 or more physical objects together
Create a freebody diagram of the most important object in that interaction. Please see the videos posted above (the one from Bozeman science is think is the easiest to follow)
Show ALL the main forces acting on the object.
Write a report justifying the choice of forces and why they are critical and why others were neglected.
Read the paper!
Create a powerpoint presentation consisting of atleast 5 slides describing the paper
Answer the following questions (1) Why does zero g occur? (2) if one was in outer space, can we simulate gravity? (2A) What is the most efficient way in space to simulate gravity – draw a freebody diagram (3) What flight plan is required to simulate the gravity on Mars. Estimate.
Lab 2 and 3 are attached.