Please refer to the video “The Dark Secret Behind your Shiny Makeup” we watched in this class. The video has been made private by DW documentaries and is not available anymore. If you wish to watch it again you may watch the closely aligned documentary on the same subject here (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.). You may structure your papers according to either of the videos or both of them.
The required contents of the video reflection papers are as below (answers to below questions must be addressed in-depth in the paper). Additional perspectives are always welcome.
– What is the sustainable marketing/value co creation issue/idea with the video(s)?
– Are there any ideas that changed your view of the idea? Please explain.
– Are there any ethical issues with the presented view? How can it be resolved?
– How is the video idea affecting the business world and people currently?
Please note below instructions.
a) The reflection papers can be from two to three pages long (Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1 inch-page margin, double spacing (No extra spaces please!). If you are writing less than than two pages, chances are you have not covered sufficient detail. Writing more does not guarantee a good score either. Write as much is required to convincingly and effectively get your point across. It is strongly recommended that you do not exceed the three page-limit. The reference page is not a part of the page limit).
b) Please enter your name, course number, assignment name, assignment title (optional) in the header of the word document. Start writing the paper from right under the header (do not have any extra space here). The first sentence of each paragraph must be half-indented. Please use this document. Academic Writing.docx Download Academic Writing.docx
c) The reflection papers should be written in the free styled paper format. Please do not ONLY include answers to the above questions in your paper. The structure of your submissions must be paper-like.
d) A good video reflection does not summarize the video contents. Rather, the video contents will be critically examined by you employing your personal lens (shaped by your personal life experiences as it pertains to shopping/consumption, among others). Also, a good paper directs the reader toward a conclusive ending.
e) Although including references is not a requirement for this assignment, sources must be cited in APA 7th edition format if and when you include any fact or make a claim. You may check APA guidelines on Purdue Online Writing Lab here as per MLA referencing style is not acceptable for this class. Paraphrasing someone’s idea/thought is also plagiarism, which is an academic offense. So, please ensure you are giving credit when it is due by citing the sources.
f) Please check the rubric for this assignment to ensure that you get a good score.