Prepare a written response to the prompt below using a word processor. Please save your file in .doc or .docx format. Your response should be complete and your final document should be five (5) to seven (7) pages in length, and should comply with APA writing requirements. All work should be in the student’s own words, and no more than 10% of the paper may have direct quotations, cited in APA format. Content cannot be copied from existing investor and company documents, traditional or digital. You are writing as a business/marketing analyst. The focus of this paper is on critical application of module terms and concepts to the chosen business.
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Assignment Prompt:
In this written assignment, you will describe the strategic, market, customer, collaborator, and competitive objectives for an organization.
Choose a business that you would like to use as a basis for this paper. Indicate the company that you are discussing.
Discuss the following items about your selected company:
The company’s strategic objectives (mission, visions, strategic goals, and ultimate goal)
The company’s market objectives (market development, market penetration, diversification, and product development)
The company’s customer objectives (what kind of relationship does the organization want to have with its customers, what kind of profile does the company want to have in terms of customer branding?)
The company’s collaborator objectives (collaborating with a strategic partner)
The company’s competitive objectives (competitive positioning – top three competitors)
For each of the above responses, be sure to provide a detailed and well-supported response utilizing key terms and concepts associated with the module which meets the content requirements for completed work, and contains no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.