produce two short critical essays (1000 words). These
should discuss ethical issues that arise in Forensic & Work Psychology Research.
( two separate essays discussing ethical issues in conducting research in the fields I mentioned above)
Your points must be supported with credible sources, derived from primary sources (peer-reviewed journal articles Only).
The assignment structure should follow an essay-type form. (intro-body- conclusion).
Possible articles
Ethical Issues in Personality Assessment in Forensic Psychology
Civil and Criminal Forensic Psychological Assessment: Similarities and Unique Challenges
Ethical issues in forensic and correctional research
Structuring the debate about research ethics in the psychology and law field: an international perspective
Ethical Issues in Sex Offender Research
Introduction :
Sets the scene of the topic
 ‘Signpost’ the reader to the overall shape of the portfolio
 Clear definition and explanation of relevant terms / main
discussion points
 Detailed description and understanding of key
psychological theories and/or constructs
 Critical assessment and synthesis of relevant
psychological literature
 Evidence of wider reading around the topic to support
discussion with a balance of seminal and contemporary
reference sources
 Clear focus on answering the question
 A coherent structure to the essay, presenting a concise
argument supported by examples from relevant
psychological literature
 Ability to draw main points of discussion together
 Linkage of conclusions to the assignment title