The film explores the pervasiveness of corn in the foods we eat today and illustrates how government subsidies of corn and other commodity crops have greatly altered the way that food is produced and consumed in the United States. As the film describes, corn is a cheap ingredient compared to other sources, and food producers have found many uses for it, including high-fructose corn syrup, saccharin, xanthan gum, and a whole range of other food additives. In your paper, explain how corn became so prevalent in the United States, and why corn is used in so many products. Then explain the impact on the agriculture industry and consumers. Do you think corn should be used so extensively? Why or why not?
Thesis to be used:
With the mass use of corn in our agriculture industry, its impact on our society and consumers have been nothing less of detrimental. Its over-usage has not only affected us consumers, but our environment as well, which is why the usage of corn should not be used so extensively.
Things to be included in essay:
– Some connection or one/two sources atleast about the documentary film Food, Inc. It provides a critical look at the industrialized nature of our country’s food supply. It explores the relationship between how our food is produced and human health, workers’ rights, animal welfare, and other issues.
– It must have a works cited page
– Must be in MLA format
– Must use signal phrases/parenthetical references as appropriate for in-text citations
– Unique title