Provide a short, clear title, in large font.
Provide an introduction, i.e., briefly explain why your work is important – set the context and state why your work is important.
State the objective(s) of your work. What are you adding to current knowledge?
Briefly explain the methods. Briefly explain the kinds of sources and materials you have explored and researched.
Succinctly state results, conclusions, and/or recommendations. This is what most people want to know. Tell viewers what you found and/or recommend (esp. if making an ethical argument about how to change the effects of globalization.
Use well-chosen graphics.
Do not load the poster with only text.
Do not overload the poster only with big images or charts.
Be focused and concise.
Posters should be 36″x24″ or 36″x36″. The program platform you are using for your poster should have an option to customize the page or canvas size.