The purpose of this assignment is to present key findings from the leadership/self-development book– I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai— you chose to read for this course to the rest of the class via a 5-7-minute slide-based screen-recorded presentation.
Design and record a 5-7-minute video presentation using screen-recording technology. The video presentation should cover the following elements. I recommend having at least one slide for each component:
Present the book (with a picture of the cover) and include the year it was published.
Describe the background of the author. Who is the author and why are they an authoritative voice on this topic?
Provide a brief overview of the contents of the book. What is the main argument of the book?
Describe one thing that surprised you about this book – What idea, statistic, or story surprised you?
Based on your reading of the book, what are three actions you can begin applying in your life to further develop yourself as a leader? You must include quotes and page numbers (or location numbers if you use an e-reader).
How do the ideas and lessons from this book relate to the Kouzes and Posner (2016) book? What would Kouzes and Posner say about this book? Use examples and draw direct connections between the two books citing page numbers in both