Research “Leadership and Followership,” and write a paper on the topic.
Without followers, there would be no leaders. Leaders depend on followers and followers depend on leaders. Effective followers can shape productive leadership behavior as effective leaders develop effective followers. In this paper, discuss the importance of followers and followership; elaborate on traits, characteristics and examples. Select one or two leaders and share how leadership and followership are intertwined; illustrate the influencer role, the mutual exchange of influence and the impact on the followers. Conclude with a summary of how these leadership dimensions are important to your career and your own leadership development.
Your paper should begin with a discussion of overall leadership behaviors as well as a discussion of follower leadership traits / characteristics. Include at least three references in this first section. Next you should select a leader(s) that meets the assigned trait(s), give a brief, historical overview of the leader(s). Now, go into detail Illustrating the importance of followers and followership. Please note, this should be more of an illustration of the followership traits, and not a biography of your leader. You will need an additional three (3) references for this section. In your conclusion, please include a summary of how you could use these ideas in your career and your leadership development.
This paper is to be a minimum of 3-4 full pages, no pictures, Times New Roman (12), 1.5 spacing, MLA citations for a minimum of six (6) different references, with a cover page and reference page listing your sources, which is in addition to the 5 pages of text.