Second paper on any of the system for the second half of the semester which include; Lymphatic/immune, Respiratory; Digestive/metabolic, renal, reproductive. You may choose any disease effecting any of these systems for your paper, you should clear your paper with me before doing the paper. Since this is a Anatomy and Physiology course and not a Pathophysiology the focus of the research paper should be about the system you chose for your disease.. Extensive attention should be given the normal anatomy and physiology and the disease you have chosen should be used to show the importance of certain functions of the systems. Then the clinical aspect should give as how to diagnose and treat the disease.
The paper shall be broken down into the following sections and these titles should appear above them
Introduction: This should give basic information explaining the organ system and the disease to be discussed. This is meant to let the read know what paper is about.
Basic Anatomy and Physiology: VERY important section 40 points here make sure this cover the information for the chapter. This section this go over the normal functioning of the system and not be taking about the disease. This should be a background info of the system so you can understand the disease. So please focus on the system and what you have learn about it, SO NO METIONING THE DISEASE HERE.
History of disease; Disease manifestations and clinical signs and symptoms of disease, this should now be talking about how the system is malfunctioning and what signs and symptoms this causes and how these can be used to diagnosis the condition. You should
also include historical information about the extent of the disease what groups are effects by the disease.
Therapies and treatments or preventions for this disease. Here you be discussing ways in which the disease could be prevented or how to treat patients or help them manage with this disease.
Conclusions for the paper. This should be a overview the paper the big take home messages you want the reader to get. This is also where you can now introduce your opinion into the paper.
References should be setup in the MLA format or one could use APA format and be no less than 5 references. Wikipedia of other websites that are not trustworthy and have verified information will not count. Including a primary article on the disease will be considered a bonus. Research papers can be found on