Select a work of contemporary graphic design (e.g. a poster, a magazine cover, a logo, an advertisement, a package, etc.) which reflects the realities and perceptions of the historical period of the early 2000’s.
Include one picture and write:
1) Bibliography:
Compile a bibliography for the single visual communication design artifact you have chosen. You must include at least one book, one journal article, and one Web link. Remember that your bibliography must be in the Chicago citation style.
2) Creative Brief:
The designer’s name
Title of work
The date of the work
Country of origin
Provide a brief biographical background of the graphic designer:
Where is he/she from?
What are some of the designer’s major accomplishments?
Why is the designer interesting or important?
Describe the message of the piece and how it is conveyed:
Is it a literal message?
Is it a symbolic or metaphorical message?
Describe the stylistic characteristics of your example that are similar to other design examples from this historical period