Step #1
-Read Elizabeth Wissinger’s article Glamour Labour in the Age of Kardashian’ (2016)
Link to article: (try pasting either of these links into the search bar to access it)
Step #2
-Analyze Wissinger’s argument in an approximately 350-500 word essay
-Your goal is to create a clear, well-organized essay that engages with, responds to, and makes connections between
the ideas presented in the reading.
-Some questions you may want to examine in your essay
1. What is “glamour labour.” who are “glamourers.” and why might understanding these terms be useful?
2. Do you agree with Wissinger’s argument totally or only to a certain extent? Why or why not?
3. What are the pros and/ or cons of being – or, trying to be – a “glamour labourer”? Why?
4. How do “glamour labourers” fit into the history of what Wissinger calls “the fashionable body”? Are “glamour labour”
bodies fashionable? Why or why not?
5. Can you offer evidence that either supports or undermines Wissinger’s insights into “glamour labour”? Why is this
evidence useful?
-You will not be graded based on having the “correct” position on an issue, but on how accurately you explain the
writer’s ideas and present your own thoughts in an organized and gramatically correct manner.