Subject: Operations Management (This is a discussion post assignment. Use your own words. Cite any sources. No plagiarism)
Read Bank USA: Cash Movement Case Study (pages 196–197) from Chapter 8 in the textbook, OM6, to prepare for this week’s discussion.
Please respond to the following:
From the case study, determine the challenges faced by the Help Desk at Bank USA and suggest strategies to mitigate them. Using the data on call volume in the case, select a forecasting model to forecast the short-term demand. Justify why this model was selected over other forecasting models. Support your position.
Respond to classmates’ posts:
Hello Professor and Class,
Some of the challenges that I see at the Help Desk of Bank USA are that for one thing having someone answer a call nonchalantly is highly unprofessional from a Customer Service standpoint. Another challenge that seems to be happening is not enough Customer Service Representatives are there to take on the large call volume that they have coming in to the Help Desk. I would think that if they were to create some sort of automated system that could pick up on the calls that could be helped by artificial intelligence of some sort that the volume coming in may be reduced.
The forecasting model that I would suggest based on the call volume at the Help Desk is to use the Single Exponential Smoothing because it uses a weighted average of past time-series values to forecast the value of the time series in the next period. (david alan collier & james evans, 1, p. 187) This allows me to feel that Help Desk will know ahead of time about what the calls that receive will be looking like and so they will have an idea how to staff the customer service representatives. I think that if they implement the use of this model as well as use some sort of automated service then they will be able to focus on where the errors are being made in the system through the customer service representatives that are there. They can allow the automated system to answer calls that can be answered by virtual assistants or Artificial Intelligence.