Teachers instructions:
Some suggested topics include:
the therapeutic application of yoga (pick an ailment and research how yoga helps to alleviate the symptoms);
the history of yoga (Where did it come from? How did we get to practice it here in the west?);
a philosophical concept of yoga (example: explore the concept of nonviolence, look up Mahatma Gandhi);
the concept of energy movement (look up Chakras);
the practice of meditation (how does it improve mental concentration and awareness);
the nutritional aspects of a yogic diet (look up Dosas); and,
yogic medical techniques (look up Ayurvedic medicine).
Summary of Work Requirement for Final Paper
Your paper should be three to five pages in length and include at least three sources that you CITE in your paper. You will also include on a separate page, a bibliographical listing of the sources you cited in your paper.
I want this paper to be about yoga and its therapeautic application with OCD. Here are some links I have already found.