The Assignment:
Your team must supply materials to support the guilt of Lizzie Borden.
Team Essay:
A 3-4 page paper that states your final conclusion(s). This paper should include at least three items or concepts from your textbook to support your ideas. The essay should also include at least three additional outside sources (one written, one related to the virtual site visit(s), and one online). All sources should be properly cited. There should also be a list of team members and which role they each played.
Pages should be double-spaced, with 1.5-inch margins at top and left, 1-inch margins at bottom and right. 12-point font should be used. Each page must be numbered. Format errors will result in point deductions (2 points for each spelling, punctuation, grammatical error, etc; 5 points each for other format errors). Any paper, which incorporates ideas other than your own, must have references, which are properly cited (APA format).