The final project is a presentation of the criminal investigation. Your presentation should focus on one of the crime types we covered in this course.
The Crime type to focus on is Human Trafficking.
Required Format of Your Presentation
1. Make a nice PowerPoint Presentation.
2. If you refer to other sources, identify the source, author, and provide a link if available.
3. Your presentation should include but not be limited to the following parts:
Part 1 Presentation title, presenter(s) name(s), course number, etc. (1 page)
Part 2 The background of your topic. (1-3 pages)
This part includes the definition of the certain crime type, the legal background of this crime type (e.g., the legislation of this crime, important legal events in the history regarding this crime type, etc.).
Part 3 The criminal investigation of this crime type. (2-4 pages)
This part can include:
The investigative authority/authorities.
The process of investigation.
The investigative techniques.
Part 4 Case example(s). (2-5 pages)
This part should include:
At least one case example. The case(s) can be domestic or international.
The basic information of this case.
The criminal investigation of this case.
The investigative outcome.
Part 5 The prospects of the criminal investigation. (1-2 pages)
This part will be an open discussion in your presentation. The principle is that you express your views on the criminal investigation of this crime. You can talk about the other potential investigative techniques that can be used in the investigation but are not commonly used. You can also express your opinions on the perspectives of your interested investigative techniques.
Part 6 References. (1 page)
You don’t need to talk about your reference articles, but this page should be included in your slides.