The relationship between cost and quality is usually an obvious one—pay more and get better service or products. In health care, however, this type of relationship can end up causing more harm than good. In this discussion, consider this relationship as it applies to the provision of health care services.
In your first post, respond to the following:
Provide your definition of high-quality health care. Does it matter what the definition is and who creates it?
Describe the factors that contribute to rising health care costs in this country.
How do costs affect quality as you define it? Who bears the costs?
Do you think that the United States should control the rising cost of health care? Explain why or why not.
Your original post should be based on facts learned in the lesson rather than your personal opinions. Be sure you research your answer and cite at least one reliable source, such as your textbook, in your post.
Support your points with specific details, examples, and reliable sources. Provide the complete URL of any webpage where you find information used in any of your posts.