There is a file attached with the requirements for the essay. You can read the file, “The White Paper Assignment” first and read these instructions afterwards for better understanding.
– Double Spacing, MLA Format.
– The topic I’ve chosen; the problem: Worker Exploitation/Abuses, the solution: the importance of unionization, worker’s rights, and government action. You can choose a different solution if you want, but keep it vaguely similar.
– For the sources, use 10 or more sources. If you can, use a total of 12-16 sources. I’ve provided you 17 sources to choose, if you want you can change them. Have at least 6 of those be scholarly or expert sources. I have 8 sources that are expert/scholarly. It does not matter which section they are cited, but as long as the majority of them are within the backstory and solution section.
– I apologize for the rushed time. Don’t be afraid to email me ( for questions or elaboration. If there is a problem or not enough time, we can figure something out. Thank you in advance.