Think about how the various points of view presented intersect with some of Safina’s ideas — especially his deeper ideas about our ways of thinking.
Then write a response to this piece — probably about 2-3 pages — in which you discuss how one or more of the speakers compares to what you read in Safina’s work. By “compare” I mean that they can be agreeing, exemplifying, or maybe even contradicting Safina.
You might need to listen twice, or to listen and then look at some passages in the transcipt. Please save your answer to your own computer and then upload it here. The book is Lazy Point by Carl Safina.
The audio to listen to is on and it is a 15 minute clip under April 23, 2021 and it is the clip listed as Living on Earth: Ecological Conversion and Solidarity
which is what would be compared to the book