This assignment is focusing on Richard Leonard Kuklinski (April 11, 1935 – March 5, 2006) also known as The Iceman,who was an American criminal and convicted murderer that had a mental disorder. You must identify
and present significance in the following areas: childhood, late adolescent/
early twenties, family influence, diagnosis/treatment (including meds if
prescribed), substance abuse/alcohol, the infamous act/traumatic event,
incarceration, death, where they are now and what are the circumstances.
Explain how all of the events are tied together and most importantly how could
healthcare personnel/teachers (You or I) intervened in the child’s life to
prevent this happening if this were now? What signs of Serial Killers do you
see? See
the Rubric – Make the Rubric’s points your headings,
cite every source you quote, APA format.