This course project is to develop an individual project plan
that focuses on the database aspects of the project development lifecycle of a
Hair Salon. All design, research, and work will be original work in the design
and creation of a new database. Students will become familiar with data
management, database modelling and design, and skills to develop a final
project plan. These requirements include the following:
1. Background of database – why you chose to
design this particular database
2. Purpose of database
3. Business goals and rules for database
4. User requirements for database
5. Data requirements for database
6. Reporting requirements for database
7. Estimated project schedule and project costs
for creating the database and populating it with data
8. Logical data model
9. Data dictionary for all tables in data model
10. SQL statements:
– CREATE TABLE statements (for entities defined in
– Minimum of two SELECT statements
– INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements for at
least one table
11. Identify the database management system (DBMS)
software that will be used for the database
12. Specify the hardware for storing your database
13. Create a basic database back-up and recovery
plan that is consistent with the business goals
Below i have attached a database example and for a reference.