This exam is meant to be written at your own pace. Every answer should be articulated in your own words.
Each answer should be no more than 800 words, and no fewer than 300 words. Answer all parts of the question.
Q1: What are the four core principles of bioethics (as described in the textbook)? Explain what each one means. Give an example of each from the material—cases, readings, lectures—we have covered this term.
Q2: Describe John Rawls’ two principles of justice. Name one issue Norman Daniels (pp. 386- 395) takes with Rawls’ theory of justice as it pertains to healthcare.
Q3: Reconstruct Walter Glannon’s argument (articulate how he arrives at the conclusion) for giving individuals with alcohol-related end-stage liver disease lower priority for a transplant than those who develop the disease for other reasons. Give one objection to his view