Topic: Our brain changes due to various factors and creates our individuality or personality. This essay discusses how important it is to respect individuality or personality in terms of gender equality in 4 paragraph essay. This essay should be related to the human brain and personality.
Demonstrate a deepened understanding of your topic and the conversation that is happening within formal sources and among intelligent academics. Use your summary and paraphrase skills to make sure you explain the author’s ideas without plagiarizing. Connect your own main ideas and opinions to the content review. Consider what you bring to the conversation. Consider how your opinions contribute to an ongoing debate.
Resources: They must be from ACADEMIC JOURNALS. Also, you need review 3 scholarly sources. Be sure to include citations from those three articles. Two of the three are specified and uploaded as PDF files. The last one is to find academic articles related to the topic.
*Just avoid paraphrasing the content of the article. Write an essay about what you are thinking in your own words.