Topic: The Great Migration, or the relocation of more than 6 million African Americans from the rural South to the cities of the North, Midwest and West from 1916 to 1970, had a huge impact on urban life in the United States.
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Documentary Video: The African Americans Many Rivers to Cross Episode 4- Making a way Out of no way 1897-1940.

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Discussion 2
1) What was the impact of the Great Migration of African-Americans in the 1920s to Northern cities. How did their history and culture shape Northern Cities? Please note cities like Chicago, NYC, and Detroit all experience immense change.
2) Regarding the treatment of African Americans, how did northern cities treat African-Americans, were they welcome with open arms? or was the North just as hostile towards African-Americans as the South?
3) We see that this Migration gave rise to the Harlem Renaissance, the exposure of Black Culture through arts, music, poetry, and literature. Without the movement, I wonder if America would have truly understood African American culture. Did migration contribute to this?
4) With the Great Migration, we see the spreading of black culture in the north that eventually pave the way for movements like the Motown era, R & B, Jazz, etc. How important was the movement in redefining America’s new music landscape?