When submitting your project be sure to COPY AND PASTE the questions below, and to answer after each question, to facilitate the grading process.
(Up to 25 points) State the company’s mission and vision. Sometimes, you might find the mission and vision online at the company’s website. If you don’t, you should come up with your recommendation for the company’s mission and vision. If in doubt, here is a great resource for you: https://www.clearvoice.com/blog/difference-between-mission-vision-statement-examples/)
(Up to 25 points) State the company’s business model. After reading about the company, and searching, you should come up with your best version of YOUR understanding of the company’s business model. Here is A GREAT resource for you: https://fourweekmba.com/what-is-a-business-model/ (Links to an external site.)
(Up to 50 points) After reading about the company’s history and recent developments, LIST the most successful strategies have/are contributed/contributing to the company’s growth/success. As many as you can, as detailed as you can, and try to classify each one. Is it a product strategy? Is it a growth strategy? Is it a consumer focused strategy? Is it a promotion strategy?…….
(Up to 50 points) Based on all you are learning, recommend one strategy for the company in as much detail as possible, and explain your reasoning.
(Up to 25 points) Explain: a) What other company would recommend purchase Peloton (the company); and, b) What company would you recommend Peloton to purchase. Again, remember to justify your recommendations.
Optional: What could the company do DIFFERENTLY today ( in terms of the ‘4Ps of Marketing’) that would impact its financial future positively the most in the next 5 years. Explain.