Write a 20 page critique/proposal of The “Dave Chappelle: The Closer” in regards to its use of comedy to speak on real world issues. Demonstrate/discuss the use of the comic corrective as a technique to deliver the message . Please be sure to use a mix of 7+ scholarly and academic sources.(should include an Introduction, Literature review, body paragraphs, and conclusion).
Assignment SAYS: “ You are making an argument, not explaining what a film or show is doing, as if teaching the reader how to understand it. For example, you do not want to say, “I will explore how Dave Chappelle uses comedy to argue that there is a difference between biological males and females.” There is no question about this, so it doesn’t need to be stated. You COULD argue that Chappelle is not trying to insult trans people, but instead arguing that we judge people on their individual character rather than their “identities.” On this, you’ll find critics and scholars to argue against.”
Parts of the ESSAY
Intro: Anything interesting regarding comedy and the topic
Litt Review: Argue against other p.o.v
Body:My argument and why they are superior to opposing argument
Conclusion: Bring it all togetehr(with Comic corrective technique)