Write a 3-4 page (1,000 words) paper that incorporates two contrasting live performances following the guidelines found in the Live Performance papers. The two examples chosen must be accessible but could also challenge the students’ regular listening habits by writing about performances in venues outside of the students’ cultural milieu. Successful essays should follow any compelling arguments that use descriptive, comparative, or argumentative points of view. The length of the overall paper will be greatly enhanced through the choice of the thesis presented in the outline that includes the following points:
1) use of any theoretical frameworks discussed in the text or lectures that define the importance of the chosen genre in the culture of the people performing and listening to the music. (Students should use the Rubric A as a guideline to gather evidence and include the answer to questions shown there);
https://youtu.be/XR7Ev14vUh8 – Pray for Me -The Weeknd ft Kendrick Lamar
https://youtu.be/lDlU08RU7Tk – Theme Park from Jurassic Park – John Williams
2) properly identified components in an aural analysis of the first and second examples;
3) at least one properly situated characteristic of African/African derived musics
as described by Torino or another other scholar whose theory applies to your research; and
4) critical statements about the quality of the “scene” of the performance, that includes where, who performed and the audience.