write a 3 – page MLA format book report on the book with
What you learned about the company
What is unique about the company
Their management strategy
How the competition affected their decisions
What their struggles and obstacles were
Can any of this apply to your company and the BSG?
The report should have three parts:
Introduction paragraph 20 points: The name of book author, details about the author and purpose of book
Body of Paragraph: 60 points Minimum of three paragraphs highlighting three strong messages from the book and answering questions above. Conclusion: 20 points Summarize and if the author did a good job with the purpose of the book and relaying the message to the reader. What was your take-away from the book? What did you learn that will help you in your career?
The name of the book is :The Nordstrom Way
You can choose to read the book or research online about the details. No outside resource is needed