Write a 5 page paper on the Great Depression.
The Introduction – the introduction should catch the reader’s attention, introduce the problem and state your thesis. It should clearly identify your subject matter and your research material. Also, make sure you introduce the time period you are discussing.
This is where you give a general statement about your event and how it could have been different if you were in charge.
The Body – the body should logically lay out what you have to say or your argument. It should also interpret and evaluate evidence. This is where you will use quotations and analysis. You need to remember that evidence does not speak for itself. It needs to be summarized, explained and interpreted.
Make sure you present the event. Be sure to discuss who, what, where and when is involved in your event. You must use quotes to provide evidence to the topic.
Once you discuss the event, you must discuss how you would have handled the situation. What would you have done differently and make sure to discuss why. You may also discuss views of other people. This is where you will prove your thesis. Had you been there and in charge, could history have changed? Make sure to mention any further complications that can arise because of your vision.
The Conclusion – The Conclusion should restate your thesis and wrap up everything you have to say
Works Cited – the resources you have used to complete your project according to the proper MLA format. You may use a variety of sources. You should have at least 3 sources but depending on length, you might need more. Documentaries, scholarly articles, books, etc.