Write a short essay connecting one of the assigned articles to a contemporary social or political issue OR a contemporary work of art (TV show, book, movie, game, etc.) and reflect on the experience of writing that essay.
In your essay, summarize the article, and connect it in specific ways (use quotes and paraphrases) to a specific contemporary issue or specific contemporary work of art.
(A tip: Use the Altmann & Van Norden article as your model — they connect Zhuangzi to disability justice and the state of COVID-19 in summer 2020).
In addition, reflect on the process of writing this essay or op-ed
Briefly recap the article you selected
Briefly discuss how that article fits into the unit where it originally appeared, and (if applicable) how you analyzed or commented on it in the unit where it originally appeared
Why did you choose to focus on this article, out of all the possible choices?
Why did you choose this issue / work of art to apply this article to?
What are some of the things you did in this assignment that you feel most proud of? Or, put differently, what do you hope your professor will notice when evaluating this assignment as evidence of your success in this course?
How did this deepen or alter your understanding of the article(s) you selected?
What did you learn? What questions still remain for you, when it comes to this article or philosophy in general?
Your essay or op-ed (minimum 750 words, maximum 1000 words) connecting one or more course articles to the social or political issue or contemporary work of art.
Your reflection (min. 300 words) on your learning and your process of writing this essay
Use the link below and the attached documents for comparison. Choose one of the 10 provided documents as the basis for this essay. Please read the instructions thoroughly and ensure that you understand the requirements.
S2, Episode 6: The Self and Survival (Mar. 27th, 2018)