Write Your Own Case Study: This class takes an in-depth look at several real life businesses. We’ve researched, read case studies, watched videos…and most of them have applied directly to real businesses and/or products. BUT, we can’t possibly cover them all in one class. SO, your challenge here is to choose ONE business or company you admire or are interested in learning more about and write your own case study about ONE aspect of that business.
Case Study Requirements:
Be about ONE specific business
Be about ONE specific aspect of that business. HINT: you can choose one of the weekly themes/concepts from this class to guide you.
CANNOT be a business we’ve already covered in this class.
Must follow the model of the other case studies you’ve read in this class. Be sure to review some of them before you start
Be at least 2 pages, typed, double-spaced in times new Roman font
Follow MLA format
Follow formal English grammatical conventions/rules
Be submitted in pdf format (email me if you are having any trouble with this and I will help)