You have been appointed by the UN to ‘name’ the 20th century. (Congratulations). Just as historians/commentators in the past called the 16th century “the age of exploration” and the 18th century “the age of reason”, you are tasked with deciding what we will call the 20th century from a global perspective. Use specific examples from the 20th century that come from at least four continents to illustrate and explain your top three considerations for the name of the century and then explain and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each of your names for the century culminating in your final pick of one of those names and an explanation with supporting evidence of why it is more appropriate than the other two. You should begin your answer with your top three choices and three images that sum up/illustrate each of those choices (one image for each choice).
Rubric for the Final Exam:
Choice and explanation of each of the three suggested names for the century and their illustrative images demonstrate creativity, insight and understanding (5 points)
Writing is grammatically correct and meaning is clear; meets minimum length; citations follow MLA format (5 points)
Examples are from at least four continents and textual documented support is used effectively to illustrate and support main points (5 points)
Illustrates an understanding of the complexities of 20th century global history and the variety of experiences depending on geographical location, social class, gender (5 points)