You will write a 2-3 pages, double spaced report after each “Module” on the assigned readings, films, lectures, and class discussions.
Submit a doc or pdf file, no copy-paste text.
How you organize your essay is up to you, but a few tips:
– Readings are the highest priority. Use films/videos as supportive documents for clarification, and lectures/class discussions as guidelines on how to read the assigned texts.
– Always keep “what is anthropology?,” “how to do it?,” “how to think anthropologically?” etc at the center of your discussions.
– You can either organize your essays based on your own criteria -themes, larger questions, etc- or weekly. But put different readings and perspectives in dialogue. That’s the key.
– Don’t write too long essays, please. Use your space wisely.
– Never submit your first drafts. Writing is a “learned skill” and it always gets better with more drafts. The beginning of your essay MUST fit the end and the body party. They must be coherent, without excessive repetitions, and paragraphs and sentences follow each other in a logical way.
– Do not use random -or not so random- online sources. Don’t take too many quotations from the texts, when you do quote, cite them. I don’t mind which citation method you’re using, but make sure to cite.
PLEASE follow the direction and make it based on the slides and book plagiarism-free.
try to demonstrate the current situation and the following questions
Why it is the highest number of immigrants population in the US?
Why do people die for simple medication in the US?
Why is black life poorer than cops’ life?
Why do we pay taxes when multibillionaire don’t pay their taxes?
Look how many teslas profited during the pandemic and how much you did?
if you need anything, please reach out to me.
Thank you.